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Low maintenance 'Google friendly' designs start from as little as £79.00. Prices of course vary on data and graphic emphasis, however, there is presently up to 33% off some works – including multi (up-to ten) level design and implementation that might otherwise cost £750.00 to £900.00 for approximately £500.00 to £600.00.

Projects can encompass analysis and research, name search, name registration, managed (free with design through April the following year, then from £22.00 per annum (£20.00 for cash or bank transfer (deduct £2.00))) or self-managed website hosting; data correction and optimisation, e-mail and search forms, Internet policy, stock photos, tags/site map and site submission.

Client Portfolio

Nationwide Coaches
George Keen
HE Donnor

JPS Electrical
PD Refrigeration
Mick James School of Motoring

Woodgrange Service Station

Internal Consultation

Before you go ahead
Brainstorm your ideas for an initial website design. Story-board or draft, mapping out your proposals. This is important, along with company analysis, i.e. company aims and objectives coupled with associations such as organisations, suppliers and manufacturers where appropriate.

Analysis can be time consuming for a third party, someone external to your industry and likely therefore more expensive; moreover, you know your business best, so much if not all of this can be done in-house.

Consider the following
  • Draw from the enthusiasm of the whole office. Engage all those wishing to contribute.
  • Marketing.
  • Supplier and customer relations.
  • Take a strategic viewpoint not a technical one, simplicity not complexity.
  • Review your findings/ initial analysis.

Possibly include
  • Company profile/ Mission statement (Home page (essential)).
  • Contact details (Essential).
  • Customer service/ Support.
  • Market products or services.
  • Specific criteria.

Promoting the website
Firstly make certain to give appropriate time to the home page to ensure the right impact when potential clients arrive there. Search engine submission may be important; the right profile, however, and route to the website promoting the company and its products or services will be much improved if pages are placed on a root server enabling major search engine authentication, robot text and sitemaps mapping all pages and permissions; and by further inclusion in advertising, marketing and promotional material.

Existing website(s)
Are current features suggestions of the original designer, or elements developed specifically for the website owner? While it is may be important to include such features, this will not necessarily give the right impression. A website will be representative of the overall company image, and it might therefore be best to have a simple solution rather than a complex design.

*Please note: Plusnet and other 'Advertising' offers including 'Cashback' may change without prior notice.