Search Engine Optimisation

While we do not specialise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, we do provide fundamental requirements needed to achieve typically much better search engine ranking than you might otherwise realise, and therefore improved traffic and conceivable results. Please enquire about 'mobile friendly' designs.

Web services 'with dedicated server' can include:

  • Analysis, identify and correct coding…
  • Appropriate title elements
  • Correct use of HTML, XHTML
  • Correct use of HTML comments, syntax
  • Correct use of stylesheets (CSS (level 2.1)), CSS compression
  • Correct use of transitional elements
  • CSS and XHTML validation
  • Data analysis and correction
  • Google account, analytics and tools
  • Google sitemap and index
  • Googlebot and robots text
  • HTML best practice
  • Link relationship attributes
  • Market and keyword analysis
  • Meta tag analysis and correction, other
  • Pay per click (PPC) advice or implementation
  • PHP framework
  • Relevant META descriptions
  • Required META elements
  • Site content, content development
  • Site and directory submission: bing, freeindex, google, thomson, yahoo, etc.
  • URL list
  • Website monitoring

Included as Standard

Data, content analysis and correction in particular can be an expensive process, costs therefore are from £159.00 though are likely included as standard elements in commissioned web creation for small venture from as little as £79.00 – please enquire.