Domain Name Transfer

If you would like us to assist with, suggest or manage a name for your enterprise or small venture, please contact us. If you already have a domain and would perhaps like us to manage it for you, it would be a simple matter to request your name on your behalf.


It's first of all important to UNLOCK the domain to be transferred away (see your domain control panel, perhaps ask your host for guidelines or assistance). Once this is done, the current host or name service managers will be able to respond to a service provider request enabling the transfer of the name, and at the same time provide an Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) Code. It may expedite matters if you were to pass the EPP Code to the new host managers, e.g. PCWebspace (PCWorkspace (t/a Curiocafe)). If needed, our Host Tag is: SCHLUND.

Once a request to your provider is submitted, we will then have four weeks to enter the EPP Code and complete the process, though the transfer in reality will likely be completed within hours, if not minutes. You will, however, also need to then confirm TRANSFER of your domain by responding to a request from the new host, clicking on a verification link sent to the email address of the Admin-C, e.g. the contact email address originally registered by you the domain owner. If you don't have this email address, you will be obligated to update your Admin-C with your existing host and advise us so we can request that the confirmation email can be resent to you. TRANSFER-OUT and CONFIRMATION must be within the time-frame above else fees may be lost and/or re-applied.


PCWebspace provide low cost name services facilitating domain name management for clients. Where appropriate, services are structured to protect client names, and to further simplify conceivable provision of connected services such as design and hosting. Clearly it is not convenient or viable for us to provide low cost name management and then subsequently, simply pass on connected services to a third-party.

Where a client opts to employ a designer who is not affiliated, we would in that event optionally provide a virtual server and ask the client to provide a covering letter, or letter of intent, if they would like a third-party to act as their company representative. Needless to say, dealings with an intermediary may fall outside of works perhaps included with low cost domain name management or annual server fees and therefore the client might instead prefer to transfer-out their domain.

If a client wishes to transfer-out their domain name, they simply need to make this clear, provide any necessary documentation, e.g. authorising the transfer, along with proposed destination and host TAG – the domain name can then be released to the new host on request subject to an administration charge. The client or their assigned representative will then have a further four weeks to complete the process.

Transfer-out would incur a small fee, and regrettably no transfer of name or name management services can go ahead until our client's instructions are transparent and any outstanding or pending monies have been cleared.