Olive Alderman…

Olive Alderman, nee Stanhope (1930-) was born in Peterborough, England, daughter to Herbert Edward Stanhope (1883-1936), born 7 March 1883, also Peterborough.

Herbert joined the 19th Hussars in 1901 aged eighteen (18) years, serving in South Africa for one year and 126 days. Discharged from the army in April 1908 he later married his first wife ROSE JUDD in 1909. Rose sadly died of throat cancer in 1917 aged thirty-seven (37) and was buried in Broadway cemetery, Peterborough. Herbert and Rose had lived for a time at Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. There were two children, Mary aged five (5) and Leslie aged three (3) years, both now deceased.

Herbert later served in the First World War subsequently marrying again in November 1919 to MARY MITCHELSON, who he met at the General Post Office some six months earlier, where they had both worked. They had two children, Hilda and Olive.

Herbert's health had been impaired in the two wars and he died young during October of 1936. He was 5ft 9in tall, slim, with black hair and dark eyes, thin face, thin high bridged nose. His army certificate of character stated of him "of exemplary conduct, no offence during the whole seven years of service, honest and trustworthy."

Olive's grandfather Henry Stanhope was born 1 August 1843 at Barkston, Lincolnshire. He married EMILY TODD of Spalding 25 December 1868, daughter of CHARLES TODD and wife SUSSANNAH, nee Newton.

HENRY was the forth (4th) of six (6) sons and one (1) daughter of JOHN STANHOPE and wife SARAH CAMPION or CAMPAIN of south Rauceby, Lincolnshire. Not wanting to be a farmer, like his father and grandfather, he left Barkston for Peterborough where he met EMILY whose family kept a grocery shop in St. Mary's Street. Learning the trade, Henry married EMILY and took a Grocery Shop/ Post Office on Eastfield Road, Peterborough opposite Dickens Street, where they raised a family.

Of thirteen (13) children, including a set of triplets, two of which only survived a short while, only the eldest son ARTHUR, and the youngest son, Olive's father HERBERT EDWARD, survived to adulthood.

Henry died in 1915, and EMILY in 1919 - both are buried in Eastfield Cemetery, Peterborough.

Henry's father (Olive's Great Grandfather) JOHN STANHOPE was born at Barkston in 1811 and in the 1841 Census was living at Cliff Row Street, possibly Sumach house. Later in 1882 listed as farmer and grazier in West Street with his brother Henry (Born 1804).

JOHN and his wife SARAH had seven (7) children… CHARLES 1839, JOHN 1841, HENRY 1842 (Died the same year), HENRY 1843 (Olive's Grandfather), RICHARD 1845, WILLIAM 1846, SARAH ANN 1850 (All born at Barkston).

  • CHARLES 1839 became a farmer.
  • JOHN 1841 married JANE PEARSON and died 1921 at THRAPSTON, Northamtonshire. Children ANNIE 1865, EMMA 1867, MARY 1860, JOHN 1871 and LUCY. (JOHN kept a post office at Barkston 1876).
  • HENRY (Olive's Grandfather) married EMILY TODD.
  • RICHARD 1845 married first (1st) FANNY SEWARD of Aubourne, Lincolnshire who died of TB aged twenty-four (24) at Little Husthwaite, Yorks. Their daughter CATHERINE MARY married EDWARD BRADBURY. RICHARD'S second (2nd) wife was ELIZA PROCTOR, Children: SARAH ANN ELLEN and CHARLES.
  • WILLIAM sixth (6th) son of JOHN and SARAH, born 1846 married LUCY (Surname unknown). He was a carpenter, later a foreman joiner at Woolsthorpe, and in 1871 lived at Hough on the Hill with wife LUCY and a daughter, also LUCY - No more is known of them, did they perhaps emigrate?
  • SARAH ANN 1850 - Birth not found in civil registration, but recorded in the STANHOPE family bible.

JOHN STANHOPE 1811 was the son of JOHN STANHOPE and his wife ANNE, nee BEET of Barkston. JOHN and ANNE married in December 1793 and their daughter MARY was born the following May 1794. MARY married EDWARD DAWSON and they lived at Great Ponton, Lincolnshire.

EDWARD was a blacksmith and they had five (5) sons. EDWARD became ill and had to be removed to Leeke, Lincolnshire where he died. One of his sons also died and MARY committed suicide by jumping off a bridge!

JOHN and ANNE'S child was WILLIAM 1796. No record has been found of either MARY or WILLIAM'S baptisms. WILLIAM married a SARAH, possibly DAWSON. He was a shoemaker at Barkston and after his sister MARY died he took in her son CHARLES DAWSON as an apprentice. WILLIAM'S father JOHN took in JOHN DAWSON to learn farming.

HENRY, third (3rd) son of JOHN and ANNE, farmed at Barkston and died unmarried in 1887.

CHARLES, forth (4th) son was a Master Tailor at Leadenham, Lincolnshire and married ANN WINTER. When CHARLES died in 1887, his will showed considerable property at HUCKNALL TORKARD, Nottinghamshire.


Sir Michael Stanhope…

Might there be a family connection with Sir Michael Stanhope of SHELFORD, Nottinghamshire, who was beheaded in 1552 on Tower Hill? His land was confiscated by the Crown, but restored to his son Sir Edward of Goxhill (Lincolnshire).